Welcome - I'm Charlotte, a Reiki teacher and practitioner based in Los Angeles, California. Now a Reiki Master, I work with both animals and people.

Since childhood, I have had a deep spiritual connection with animals - horses in particular - and have always been guided by their wisdom. It is my mission that we honor every animal as the unique and beautiful individual that they are. There is always an opportunity to listen.  All of my offerings are deeply rooted in a life lived alongside animals.

The undercurrent of my own healing journey is one of bringing the shadow alongside the light. Embracing all parts of ourselves, and of others, sets us truly free. Underneath disease (literally, a state of dis-ease) anger, pain, and worry are pieces of us that need to be tended, not overlooked for our “lighter” qualities. Oftentimes the shadow reveals incredible inner truths; gifts we are meant to receive, celebrate, and use to help others.

I am honored to be a teacher member of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA), a nonprofit with the goal of improving the lives of animals worldwide through the use of Reiki in shelters and sanctuaries. I look forward to our sessions together.