The moment Charlotte entered our home I could feel the warm, yet, electrifying energy that she possesses. Zeke and Archie laid next to her, without any prompting, and went into a peaceful trance. I was grateful to be able to witness and participate in such a healing moment, to be in the company of Charlottes's aura. Her ability to gather light and love is humbling.

Through Charlotte's energy we were encouraged and guided to exist in joy and I know I speak for Archie and Zeke! We are so grateful for her invitation to share her generous soul filled with wisdom, light and clarity. Thank you Charlotte!"

— Archie, Zeke & Deb

Charlotte shared reiki with both of my cats, Alvin and Moose, when they were ill. During Alvin’s final moments, Charlotte was able to send him reiki healing energy and guide him on his journey to the otherside. Moose was so moved by Charlotte’s guided meditation that she walked over, curled up in her lap and fell asleep. Moose began to feel better almost immediately, and I know that Charlotte helped create a peaceful healing environment for her to get well in.

Not only is Charlotte wonderful with animals, she is a true joy to be around. She will make you feel comfortable and supported just with her presence. She has guided me through reiki meditations when I was having an asthma attack and during other periods of distress. These reiki experiences were very powerful energetic experiences that helped me immensely.

— Megan, Moose & Alvin

Charlotte is a natural born healer. Her hands are filled with vibrational healing and a session with her is a truly powerful experience. She is so kind and comforting which also helps me to relax into the practice more freely. Following my sessions I always feel immediate stress relief and transformation. Charlotte is incredibly grounded and gifted and her sessions will give you a greater sense of clarity and peace.

— Melissa A.

Right away, I felt Charlotte’s power as a healer in her soft, yet fierce presence. This initial feeling made me feel safe, like I could relax right away, and allow myself to soften into the vulnerability of whatever comes up.  My first session with her unlocked a lot of energy in my heart and her ability to hold space for me as I cried made me feel like I could really clear out the stagnation completely. What an incredible feeling! I moved through a heartbreak so much faster because of our session and I’m so grateful for her work in the world!

— Meg S

i. When we asked the shelter staff to open Jerry’s cage, they eyed us with contempt. “He’s no good,” they said, gloving up. Jerry hissed and retreated to the far corner of the cage, where he sat snarling and bearing his teeth. He was five years old and had been in the shelter, in his metal cage, for three months. 

ii. When we told the shelter staff we’d like to take Jerry home, they laughed. “Good luck they said, and if it doesn’t work out, don’t bring him back. He’d be better off wild on the streets.” Removing Jerry from his cage required a sandwiching him in a netted sleeve on the end of a pole, because no one dared put their hands near him.

iii. At home we placed Jerry, still growling inside of his cardboard carrier, in the bathroom. We waited.

iv. We waited a week. Jerry still wouldn’t leave his box in our presence.

v. We waited another week. Jerry remained his box, hissing and growling each time we entered the room. Approaching the third week, we asked Charlotte to help us out. We spent an evening together—Charlotte, myself, my partner, and Jerry. Charlotte led us through guided mediations, contemplations, and healing practices. Jerry hissed, popping his head up from his cardboard carrier every so often to glare at us.


The very next night, Jerry hopped out of his box and sauntered over to us. He has been a lap cat ever since. Thank you Charlotte!!!

— Emma K