For your animal or for you

These sessions are a space to reinforce balance and harmony in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. When we allow ourselves and the animals in our lives to experience this alignment during times of peace, we are much more easily able to access this quality for ourselves in times of distress. The light and the shadow are both equally important and I honor these qualities in all of us.

Reiki is a beautiful practice for all parts of your journey, and tending this space will deepen and strengthen your connection to your own inner self and ability to heal.


For you and your animal together

Many of our most treasured relationships are with the animals in our lives. They are our teachers, our friends, our kin, and I consider them the true Reiki Masters.

Reiki nurtures this relationship, deepening your understanding, trust, and love for each other. Bonding sessions are wonderfully supportive for new animals coming home from a shelter, and other changes in living situation such as moving to a different home, or introducing a new sibling, be they animal or human.

These sessions are also a great way to show your animal how you feel - consider it a date with your best friend.


For the many

A beautiful aspect of Reiki is the ability to support beyond the individual. Working with groups is something I love having the opportunity to do. The energy of all relationships, in a way, becomes a being of its own.

Working with this holistic modality, I’m able to offer Reiki to the group, promoting healing to the individuals as well as to the overall dynamic between them. Herds of all kinds and species welcome!


For the wise

Senior animals need our support just as the elders in our human families do. Reiki encourages the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies to come into a state of balance and healing. This process can help address chronic pain, anxiety, loss of appetite and many conditions often experienced in later years.

I love being able to share Reiki with our wisest animal friends and have found it to be a beautiful way to help keep the animals you love feeling their best throughout their life. Reiki is also a powerful way to support animals through life transitions and beyond.

Distance reiki

For everyone

Reiki can be offered to anyone, anywhere. Distance sessions are a wonderful way to connect if you’re not in the Los Angeles area. These sessions are also great for follow up to our in person sessions.


Each sessions is a weaving of Reiki and intuitive healing practices that come from a holistic perspective. The above are suggested intentions, however, each session is specific to the individual. Please reach out if there’s something you’d like to address that doesn’t feel touched on here.