Shadow Self Meditation


As the days lengthen and the light grows in the Northern Hemisphere, we find ourselves in a unique position to work on our internal landscape. We can use with the light to illuminate our shadow selves, to appreciate the parts of us that live far below the surface - but all the closer to the core of who we truly are.

Shadow work is something I’ve practiced for many years now and it has become integral in my personal healing work. I’ve put together a short guided meditation for you to offer some love and kindness to all of yourself; to see the light in your shadows. Enjoy!

Find yourself walking along a sandy desert path…with each step you take brings you in closer connection with the Earth. 

So aware of the ground beneath you, you take in the trail. You notice the different plants near you, and even those further off in the distance. Perhaps you see some animals, or maybe tracks from previous passersby. 

As you keep moving down the trail, you tune into all your senses. What do you smell? Taste? You feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and it as though you are a mirror for the light. The longer you feel the sun on you, the more you being to radiate with pure, healing light. As you breathe in you pull the light into you, and  as you exhale, the very edges of your being expands and glow. 

Allow yourself to continue inhaling and exhaling the light for several minutes

As this light being, you continue to move along the path, now feeling very much a part of your surroundings.

There are several huge boulders off to the side of the trail, and as you shine your light along them, you notice a deep groove between two rocks, from which cool air is flowing. In this glowing state, it is easy for you to move between these stones, towards the gentle breeze. Once past the crevice, you allow your vision to adjust and come to see you are within a very ancient cave, one which no outside being has ever entered. 

Your beams illuminate what has long been kept in the shadows. All around you, above and below as well, are glittering crystals of all colors and shapes. Take a moment to take in your surroundings.

Ghostly pale beings emerge from the darkness, though they feel incredibly familiar to you and they approach with fondness. These are your shadow beings, pieces of you, memories that have been kept in darkness.

As you continue to scan the cave, you pause when you notice a deep pool of water. Upon seeing this pool, the light that is you, is now reflected by the pool. You happily allow your light to pour into the tranquil water as you become one with the pool. 

Now, gently invite all the beings in the space to share this golden water if they like. See them come forward and take a sip of the refreshing pool. Once they have shared the healing water from the pool, these beings illuminate and glow in the darkness. 

There is such a sense of calm and joy, a steady knowing that all is well. You can see that within the darkest places, beauty and light are alive and well. You offer pure healing energy to all the parts of yourself, knowing that you are perfect in this exact moment. 

Take a moment to thank every part of you, each tender piece that is now so full of love and healing energy. As you like, you can take your time coming back into your body, and into the space. Keep this illuminated feeling with you as you move forward with your day.

This meditation is an intuited original inspired by The Healing Pond Mediation by Kathleen Prasad.